Disconnecting to Reconnect: Caballos de Luz in Uruguay

Caballos de Luz is a little Uruguayan gem for conscious travelers. This small guest ranch in Sierras of Rocha is a three-hour drive from Montevideo that is definitely worth it. Austrian-born Lucie bought land, built three guestrooms and settled here after traveling over 2000 km on horseback. Yes, she’s incredibly cool! 

Why we love it: Because you are forced to disconnect from the technological world (no WiFi!) and reconnect with nature. Accommodation is simple and rustic, urging you to go outside and explore the vast landscape and follow the sound of the river. 

Other sustainability features: Nearly everything here is sustainable. Caballos de Luz has no heating and no air-conditioning, electricity is produced via clean solar energy (Uruguay is powered by nearly 95% clean energy), they serve vegetarian food only, and do so with ingredients sourced right on the property.

Activities: Needless to say, the main activity here is horse-riding and learning about horses. You can also head to La Paloma beach, which is less than an hour’s drive from the ranch.

Room price: One night “all inclusive” with three meals, a double room and a guided horse-riding tour costs approximately 125 EUR per person.

For more information visit www.caballosdeluz.com.