Interview: Off Season Adventure Founder Talks Sustainable Travel

Off Season Adventures Tanzania

When we met Tanner at Impact Travel Alliance's Global Summit in New York City last year, we were absolutely in love with the fact that he runs a sustainable tour operating business in Tanzania. We also think he's pretty great as a person, so we interviewed him for you. Happy reading! 

Our aim for the LEARN section of our blog is to provide travelers with a better understanding of what it means to travel sustainably. Thanks for being our first guest on the site. Please tell us a bit about your company and yourself. 

At Off Season Adventures, we focus on creating sustainable tours during the off season to give clients a more unique and less expensive experience to the destination. I come from the academic background of the tourism industry, so I have a wider perspective of the industry which exceeds sales and marketing. 

And what exactly makes your company sustainable?

What makes us sustainable is our commitment to offsetting the carbon emissions produced by our clients’ tours, sponsoring projects in the destinations that help replenish the natural resources lost from tourism, and using locally owned and operated accommodations. Traveling in the off season, in general, is also a sustainable way to visit destinations because there are fewer travelers using the same natural resources during these times.

What inspired you to do business sustainably?

My inspiration came from understanding the negative environmental and economic impacts that tourism can often have on destinations. I believe that sustainable businesses will be the ones that ultimately succeed.

What has been your most sustainable travel experience to date?

The last time I went to Tanzania was completely carbon offset and we stayed at locally owned and operated accommodations. Forming relationships with lodges and tour guides during this trip was the beginning of many long-lasting, sustainable partnerships.

What do you think a traveler can do to be more sustainable?

Carbon offset your flight, be conscious of your water and electrical usage, eat locally, meet and be friendly to locals, and be sure you’re disposing of waste appropriately, whether that is food, trash, or recyclable items.

You find a lottery ticket and win 10 million USD – what would you do?

Hire seasoned professionals to help build the business and travel to new destinations to form partnerships with OSA.

Which destinations are up next on your bucket list and why?  

Ethiopia and Uganda are the next destinations on the list because they are very different than Tanzania and I am looking forward to expanding our offerings in Africa.

Those two countries also at the very top of our bucket list! One last task:
Define sustainability in three words.

Planet. People. Profit.

Thank you so much for your time Tanner. We'll definitely send anyone interested in traveling to Tanzania your way