About US

A little bit about us. We’ve been friends forever – even our parents were close friends before we met in Kindergarten in Zurich. We traveled Europe together as kids. Yet we lost contact when we moved to different countries and only reconnected years later in London, where we learned that we work in the same industry.

Fast forward 2018: We work together on a daily basis, which also results in us distracting each other nonstop with travel talk. Traveling is what brings us together. It is our biggest passion and yes, we are very aware of the environmental and cultural consequences; yet it is unrealistic to ask humans to stop being curious about different cultures and exploring this beautiful world we get to live in.

So, we decided to minimize – partially even reverse – our impact instead, hoping others might follow suit. And that is how Conscious Passport came about.

With Conscious Passport we aim to show you that traveling sustainably does not mean sacrificing long-distance flights and comfortable hotels. 


We hope you’ll join us on our journey to discovering truly sustainable destinations, hotels, restaurants, tour operators and other travel brands around the world. 

There’s a lot of confusion around what really makes up sustainable tourism. So, we drafted individual sustainability checklists that all our featured destinations and brands must fill out before we offer to spread the word about them. 

We define sustainable tourism as "The act of traveling in a way that future generations get to experience the cultures and landscapes we experience today, whilst helping local economies grow, and improving the lives of communities living where we travel to."

Conscious Passport hopes to inspire you to become a little more conscious when traveling – whilst traveling in style, of course!

We also only feature places and products that we love. No paid content. 

Meet Virginia

  • Foodie & scuba diver

  • Dual citizen: German & Swiss

  • Living in Benguela, Angola

  • Second residency in France

  • Traveled 49 countries

  • Just came back from: Brazil

  • Next up: Indonesia

Virginia & Natascha in Botswana

Meet Natascha

  • The travel planner

  • Mini philanthropist

  • Living in Munich, Germany

  • Part-time Ibiza resident

  • Traveled 84 countries

  • Just came back from: Brazil

  • Next up: Qatar